Beginning again from the beginning

“Communists who have no illusions, who do not give way to despondency, and who preserve their strength and flexibility ‘to begin from the beginning’ over and over again in approaching an extremely difficult task, are not doomed (and in all probability will not perish).” – Lenin

I’ve taken some time to reconsider things. I’ve relinquished a lot, and gained a lot.

My previous series of writings, on Rosa Luxemburg and socialist strategy, suffered from a number of errors of which I was unaware at the time: eclecticism, naive anti-Leninism, a lack of historical and theoretical understanding.

I’ve since done my homework on the historical and theoretical context in which she was writing (or I should say, some of my homework). I’ve learned a lot thus far, mostly that I must learn much more, that I must apprentice myself further to the history of which I hope to be a part if that goal is to be realized. So I will use this, at least, as a place to record the thoughts I have throughout that apprentice work. My principle goal is to learn whatever will be useful in working to reconstruct the labor movement and its socialist vanguard, as well as finding my place within them.

The works will be composed of classical writings of past revolutionaries, of contemporary writings on the problems we face today and the possible solutions, and of the history of the struggle. I will begin, appropriately enough, with Lenin’s “Where to Begin?” and “What is to be Done?”.

This work will be conducted here.

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