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The True Realm of Freedom

Marx, from “The Trinity Formula” in Capital, Vol. 3: “We have seen that the capitalist process of production is a historically determined form of the social process of production in general. The latter is as much a production process of material … Continue reading

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Marx’s Materialism and the Possibility of Science

Obviously there’s been a drop-off in posting lately, and its because I’ve had to get some outstanding obligations out of the way and doing so is consuming most of my free time. I’ll be back to posting regularly soon, and … Continue reading

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Leninism or Luxemburgism?

First, I just want to clarify something. In a previous post, I made some critical comments on the will to sectarianism that has so thoroughly fragmented the radical left. Yet doesn’t this blog explicitly align itself with a particular splinter-group, … Continue reading

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Pepperell on Marx’s Critical Method

I want to respond in a bit more detail to this comment from N. Pepperell, both because she raises good points and because she might be the single biggest influence on my understanding of Marx’s theoretical work. If you’re not … Continue reading

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Einstein’s Defense of Socialism

Please, if you haven’t already, read Albert Einstein’s brilliant defense of socialism, published in the first issue of Monthly Review back in 1949. I’m tempted to simply repost the whole thing, but I’ll restrict myself to a synopsis of the … Continue reading

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Labor and Leisure after Capitalism

Duncan Law has a great new post expanding on this comment. He deals with the speculative question of what the socio-economic structure of Marxian communism would be, focusing on his own favored answer, the ‘abolition of labor’. I’m certainly not opposed … Continue reading

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Sam Williams’s “A Critique of Crisis Theory”

If you aren’t reading Sam Williams’s blog A Critique of Crisis Theory, you need to start. He’s serializing an interrelated set of essays on Marxist theories of capitalist crisis that are brilliant in their depth, scope, and informativeness. Even if … Continue reading

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